L’intervento si focalizza su due temi chiave:

  • Key Performance Indicator. Cosa sono, come utilizzarli. Regole per KPI  etici ed efficaci.
  • Obiettivi di marketing. Quali KPI utilizzare per quantificare le performance della comunicazione commerciale su 8 diversi canali.

Founding partner A+

Currently working on: . Digital & Communication KPIs (in partnership with UPA -The Italian Advertisers' Association) . Programmatic and Digital Audit (working with ELEY Consulting for Italian Advertisers worldwide and Multinational Companies in Italy ) . Branding Experienced in Auditing, Media, Communication Marketing. Passionate about: Information Architecture, UX Strengths: Accountability, Brand Building, Measurement systems, Process Design, KPI, Marketing for Media & Communications Industry. Independent since September 2014, working between Asia and Europe. In Nov, Dec, Jan working form: Milan - Pune- London